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Now, more than ever, our state and our nation need leaders that stand against class warfare, perpetual expansion of government, and a continued deterioration of our economy.

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As a fiscal conservative, David is dedicated to:

Not just slowing the rate government grows, but actually REDUCING the size and scope of government

Saying “No” to Demands for Higher Taxes

Prioritizing State Spending

Ensuring the Highest Quality of Education for our Children

Bringing Market-Based Reforms to our Health Care System

It's about the spending
If there’s one thing that State government is good at, it’s creating taxes.  Income taxes, gasoline taxes, property taxes, sales taxes…the list goes on and on.  They even figured out a way to tax taxes. Then there are fees to permit hunting, fishing, driving, and fees just to walk in the park.  Creating inventive ways to fund itself is not a problem for State Government.

We have the money.  The problem is HOW MUCH we SPEND, and HOW we spend it.

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Transportation needs real solutions… not 19th century ones
Investing in roads and bridges, not light rail, brings immediate benefits.  It gets people home faster, not wasting time in traffic jams.  It moves freight faster, saving labor costs.  It reduces car accidents and injuries, caused by snarls and back-ups.  It reduces overflow traffic onto feeder streets, improving neighborhood safety and increasing pavement lifespans.  And it saves energy, but not wasting gasoline either idling or in start-‘n-stop traffic.

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Dave's analysis on DFL proposal to increase the gas tax:
     • Gas tax increase? You think we need a gas tax increase?

Dave's Letter to the Editor about Light Rail:
     • Original letter (includes footnotes)
     • Published in the Hopkins Patch (January 23, 2012)
     • Published in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (February 01, 2012)

More Information on Light Rail:
     • Consolidation of Metro Blue Line and Metro Green Line operations.
     • Dave's analysis of light rail
     • Dave discusses light rail on KTLK with Davis and Emmer (January 28, 2012)

Education: Less micro-management and more local control
In speaking with school district administrators, teachers, and school board members about improving education, a very clear picture begins to develop. And what’s most interesting is: The answers are not just about spending more money. Even with our limited resources, we demand a world-class education for our children. We can do better with what we have if we are smarter in our approach to education. Here are my priorities, when it comes to K-12 Education....

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What does Right to Work legislation mean to Education? Savings, lower per-pupil class sizes, less teacher layoffs and a win for taxpayers! -- Read more about how Right To Work is helping Wisconsin school kids

We do need government … but smaller is better
For my Democratic friends, let me repeat this:  We do need government.  We do need a government to handle public safety, courts, snow plowing roads, and many other tasks that do make sense for government to do.  The problem is that we could do just as well with a much SMALLER level of government, both in terms of its size and intrusiveness into our lives.

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Senator Osmek scored a perfect 100 in the latest Taxpayer League Scorecard. This was his third straight year with a perfect 100 score.

See the legislative highlights during Dave's first term.

You can hear Dave talk about the issues in the local Twin Cities media.

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As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, Dave wants to hear from you!

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